HR Recruitment Videos

What makes your company a great place to work? Our recruitment videos expose candidates to what it's actually like working at your company and WHY they want to work there. We create videos that provide a genuine and authentic human connection to candidates which empowers them and excites them for their first day on the job!  

Our unique format allows us to create videos that source candidates in your sleep! We specialize in easily communicating your company culture and encourage sharing and referrals which in turn reduces turnover costs.

Brand Films

We’ve been doing brand videos for years! Brand videos are easily explained as company overview videos which showcase the brand of a company. Most of these videos are mini documentaries of a company's origins, their mission and company culture as well as the product and its unique qualities to solve a problem for consumers. Why are the videos important? Brand videos serve as the first introduction companies can have with potential clients to explain their services and value proposition. These videos are usually hosted on a company website but they can easily be used for marketing purposes!

History Documentaries

From local history to your company's unique story. Looking back to the past and celebrating it can be a unique video idea to add to your resume of company videos. We recently completed a production of the history of the City of Campbell, California, highlighting the changes in the valley from early Muwekma Ohlones to the tech giants of today.

Product Videos

Product videos, not as easy as they seem! How do you make someone excited and connected to your product and make them believe YOUR product is the solution to their problems? We create videos with a story that creates emotional connection with your ideal customers and convince them that your product is the right solution. Deciding to do business with someone can be narrowed down to the technical specifications of how a product or service solves a problem or how it connects to a client on an emotional level and how they can relate to using your product. Research shows time and time again that video storytelling creates stronger connections and memory channels regardless of the decision making process your client takes.

Case Study Videos

Yelp is popular for a reason. People love to read product and company reviews before they do business. This is why having customer case studies and testimonial videos are so important! Customer case studies allow users of a company's product or service to explain how the product or service solved their problem or helped them achieve their business or personal goals. This type of video tells a complete story of the journey a client had with a company, this can also be thought of as a testimonial video, but more extensive. They can be great to share on social media platforms!

Welcome/Introduction Videos

Similar to a brand video but a bit less extensive. These videos welcome customers to a website and aim to educate and explain the use and need or your business and why it's an investment they need. These videos highlight a specific unique quality of the business and the owners/ workers passion. We shoot these videos as a simple introduction, interview style format.

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Package prices starting at $2,500

Each company is unique and each video we make is unique. Our team only accepts a limited amount of clients per month in efforts to maintain our individual service to create the best videos for your company needs.  

If interested in discussing your specific needs more, please contact us today!