About Us


Co-Owner and Producer

Gaby graduated from UC Davis with a degree in history and communications. She worked in the news industry as a news producer in Washington DC and Sacramento and in the advertising department at The Mercury News. She also recently worked as an HR Recruiter for the blue collar industry. 

Gaby is our producer at Fixed Heart Films. She takes care of all the behind the scenes needs to make sure the client’s project is completed to perfection! This includes script, storyboard creative, customer relations, marketing consultation, strategy and advice. Gaby takes pride in her curiosity in learning about new people and subjects and is passionate about helping others telling their story.

The want-to-be-comedian, Gaby is always cracking jokes, mostly references to the TV show The Office. She also secretly, but not so secretly, enjoys listening to podcasts about 15th and 16th Century British History. She is also obsessed with everything Scotland related even though she is not Scottish and has never been to Scotland! Her interests are varied and unique, which makes her believe it is the reason why she can connect to people so easily!


Co-owner, Videographer

Kyle graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He has been filming and editing professionally for over 10 years and created several documentaries, one entitled Chasing Baja, about a parapalegic who custom built his own truck by hand to race in the Baja 500.

Kyle is our videographer and editor. He is a technician in coming up with unique shots and effective edits that skillfully tells a story. 

Kyle is fascinated by anything tech. As a passionate storyteller, he loves working with passionate business owners. He enjoys hiking, playing Virtual Reality, and sports in particular the Giants and the 49ers. Quiet in nature, Kyle prefers to be behind the camera.


We believe that sincere marketing creates long-lasting connections between companies and customers

Each video is handcrafted with authentic scripts and video from your business.
We create a unique video marketing strategy for your video to get the best ROI.
We guarantee an authentic, high quality video that creates a genuine connection with you and your clients.