Dental Marketing Made Easy

Attract new dental patients that pay, stay and refer!

If you are wondering how to Increase your dental patient volume at your dental practice, let me tell you how to turn those question marks into a smile! The success of your business depends on effective dental patient marketing methods to attract new dental patients that pay, stay, and refer. It is crucial to have a strong dental marketing strategy to stand out and grow your practice. This means you must constantly work on attracting new customers while maintaining your current client base. 

It’s literally a full time job in itself! It’s daunting, intimidating, and ain’t nobody got time for that!

We believe it can be easily done with a simple strategy: creating genuine and authentic content. Marketing is about establishing trust, connections, and a community of like-minded people.

To empower potential clients to make this shift, you need a website that “speaks” to those who visit.

So what are some easy ways to gain new dental patients for your dental office?

The easiest way is to create engaging and interactive dental websites that convert lookers into patients. To empower them to make this shift, you need a website that “speaks” to those who visit. You must keep in mind who your ideal patient is and put yourself in their shoes to understand their perspective. With this view, you can more easily attract new patients. Your front page should have a brand video describing who you are and details about your practice. This is the opportunity to differentiate your practice from others and help you stand out. You should also have a referral and reviews page with video testimonies. Videos have higher SEO rates than text and make you stand out from the competition, further driving them to choose you as their preferred provider. Incorporating video into your business to reach a whole new consumer base is now a requirement if you want your dental practice to grow and succeed in an increasingly expanding market.

Unlike any other source of marketing, videos can last years and are actively creating connections and marketing your business while you sleep!

The second thing is to have a strong dental social media marketing plan. Social Media is an extremely powerful tool for online marketing. However, many businesses are using social media marketing wrong by adhering to old practices that no longer work. Social Media is changing and so must your marketing. In addition, it is important to engage with your audience and show what life is really like at your dental practice.

Creating a following online now requires creating a deeper connection with followers. They want to hear from you and want to know who their dentist is.  You or your practice need to be the face of your social media channels. Stock images are losing their effectiveness because people want to connect with real humans on the other side of the screen. (that is why influencer culture is so powerful)

The main takeaway from this is that video is KING, Video is the FUTURE, video creates CONNECTION, and video is an investment that keeps on GIVING. Unlike any other source of marketing, videos can last years and are actively creating connections and marketing your business while you sleep or spend time with your family. But not all videos are created equal. To be effective, a video needs a clear strategy. At Fixed Heart Films, we don’t produce videos, we produce authentic and genuine connections. We believe you gain a customer when you create a genuine and authentic connection with them. Let us know if we can help you come up with creative dental marketing ideas so you can spend wisely on your marketing. We also offer social media management which adheres to our vision of authenticity. Although it can feel overwhelming, building your marketing strategy is actually easy and fun! Let us show you.

To check out some of the videos we’ve done click here. 

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