What an amazing building with a rich history of famous politicians and lavish parties. Anyone who gets to have their address at the Luhrs is lucky to be part of a legendary story.

We loved collaborating with Jaqet and creating this film for their launch of their incredibly sexy belt line. Go check them out at

A glimpse into the craziest sporting event in the world. It was dirty, dangerous and exhausting. But above all, it was exhilarating to be in the eye of the hurricane that is the Baja 500.

Great to be a part of the newest restaurant to hit downtown Phoenix: The Local

Teaser for our upcoming mini-doc about Ruben Gonzales and the 11th Monk3y story.

The Kickstarter trailer for our first short film; a documentary about Javier Avila. The campaign was funded, and we are headed to Baja!

A great bartending event we were able to cover with our partners over at Local Revibe. Tons of cool people and awesome drinks, and drinks...and I forget...It was fun.

Our second Kickstarter video for SITGREEN and Jon Irons killed it on the encore! This guy is gonna make waves, and we are happy to be a part of the cardboard revolution!

A Kickstarter video we did for the raddest kids bikes we've ever seen! We can't wait to see these guys light up the streets!


It's not about how you make your money, it's about that thing in your life that makes it all worth it. We want to know what drives you to be the person you are, or striving to be. So, What's Your Fix?

These guys created Lemonade stand kits to teach children about running their own business. Genius!

An Indigogo video we did for Project Rising. What a great organization that is making Phoenix the place to be for young professionals and entrepreneurs.

Mackenzie is all about health and fitness, and she wants to share her knowledge with the rest of the world through her delicious smoothies!

Our First Kickstarter Video! Jon Irons took a chance on us, and we never looked back. We've come a long way, but this one will hold a special place in our hearts.